Hulk Hogan opened up WrestleMania 37 Night 2 alongside Titus O’Neil, and while both donned pirate gear, Hogan might as well have been walking the plank in front of the Tampa crowd.

After WrestleMania Night 1 came and went with little backlash against the WWE Hall of Famer, fans made a concerted effort to boo Hogan loudly every time he spoke.

Hogan came under fire in 2015 when he was caught on tape making vile racist remarks as part of a sex tape. Hogan was promptly fired by WWE and removed from its Hall of Fame. Hogan would go on to successfully sue Gawker for $140 million as part of a case that was later settled for far less.

Hogan has yet to truly be vindicated for his actions, and his return to WWE was met by consternation among the promotion’s black wrestlers when his backstage apology was seen as inadequate.

WWE appeared to think it could get away with having Hogan host WrestleMania alongside black Superstar Titus O’Neil, but tensions continue to linger from his racist remarks.

Twitter was quick to join Raymond James Stadium to skewer the legendary wrestler.