Big E defeated Apollo Crews in a Nigerian Drum Fight where crews was aided by returning Raw Underground star Dabba-Kato.

Apollo Crews has been perhaps the most improved WWE Superstar of the year, especially when it comes to how comfortable he is on the mic. After an excellent introductory promo, debuting a new heel Nigerian character, WWE defaulted to its tone deaf ways by having Crews carry around a spear.

The tone deafness continued, with WWE booking a Nigerian Drum Fight, a stipulation that was largely unexplained leading up to the unique match type.

Everything that Happened in the Nigerian Drum Fight

The ring was surrounded by gongs, drums, drum symbols and kendo sticks , which Big E and Apollo Crews opened the match with. Fans chanted “let’s go Big E” as the Tampa crowd continued to support its hometown star.

Following an impressive spear to the outside by Big E, Apollo Crews countered with a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Crews, steel stair in hand, organized another steel ring stair next to the apron. Crews then missed on an attempt to crush Big E between them.

Back came Big E with a uranage on the steel stair. Big E set up a table in the corner. Apollo Crews came back with a series of kendo stick shots, but missed on an attempt to splash Big E through a table. As Big E went to finish Apollo Crews, former Raw Underground standout Dabba-Kato stormed the ring, laying out Big E and allowing Crews to get the victory.


A very good match with a finish that made sense (for a change), the Nigerian Drum Fight was essentially a hardcore match surrounded by Nigerian Drums.

As a duo, Apollo Crews and Dabba-Kato (who is Polish-born and of Nigerian extraction) will continue to further Crews’ momentum while Big E could finally get his shot at a world title in the main event scene.