Defense expert witness Barry Brodd.
Defense expert witness Barry Brodd. Source: Pool

During a lengthy cross-examination, prosecuting attorney Steve Schleicher questioned defense expert witness Barry Brodd extensively about to what degree George Floyd continued to resist arrest while Derek Chauvin was on top of him.

While viewing body cam video in court, Schleicher pointed out that Floyd “literally could not support his own head” at the time that Chauvin got off of him.  

Schleicher asked Brodd, “if a reasonable police officer in the position of the defendant, and that position is the position we see here, on top of him, would know” that Floyd is not responsive and resisting arrest at this point.

“I think he would know that he’s not resisting,” Brodd said.

Brodd then testified that he heard another officer say that he couldn’t find a pulse on Floyd while Chauvin was still on top of him.

Schleicher then asked Brodd to confirm that in the video “the defendant’s position is and was, and remains as we see here at this moment, in this time, in this clip, on top of Mr. Floyd, on the street.” He responded, “yes.”