This month, only three albums earn platinum certifications in South Korea, which is a fairly small number, though certainly not the most minute there’s ever been. One of the trio of titles stands out, as it helps the band behind it make history in a specific and surprising manner.

TWICE’s Eyes Wide Open is now certified double platinum in South Korea, making it one of the best-performing releases by an all-female troupe in the nation…and this isn’t the first time the band has accepted the prestigious honor.

With their latest award from Gaon, which publishes when songs and albums have reached certain sales or streaming thresholds in South Korea (with all data managed by the Korea Music Contents Association), TWICE has become the first girl group to see more than one album go double platinum in the Asian nation.

The band collected their first double platinum certification in August of 2020 when their highly successful set MORE & MORE was gifted with the title of having sold enough units to rise to that coveted level. 

In South Korea, an album is certified platinum when it has sold 250,000 copies. Aside from double to triple platinum, an album can also be named million, and then there are multiples of that as well…though it’s extremely rare for any title to even approach those sums.


Two additional girl groups have earned at least a double platinum album in South Korea so far. Blackpink is the only all-female troupe to go million, which they managed with their debut full-length The Album. Released in October of 2020, it was certified million in December.

The only other girl group to collect a double platinum album in South Korea is Iz*One, who just recently disbanded. They joined TWICE in the historic achievement when their album Oneiric Diary went double platinum on the same day as MORE & MORE.

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