Find Out Why Everyone Is Talking About Our Premium Membership Packages

Whether you are a private advertiser, a small business owner, an online marketer, a founder, or a manager of a large limited liability company, we believe that you must consider joining our premium membership subscription plan.

Our membership packages are specifically designed to give you the tools and the space you need to expand your business online and increase your daily sales.

Having a monthly membership subscription removes regular ad limitations and will definitely help you to create a bigger presence for your business online. Here are some of the reasons that we believe can help you decide now.

Check Out Some Of These Amazing Benefits

Remove Limitations. Post More Ads! Make More Sales.

A premium monthly plan will offer you the opportunity to post more ads compared to a regular member! This will help you to focus on creating good ads that effectively sell your items rather than worrying about ad limits. The more ads you post, the more you sell! And the more you sell, the more money you make.

Create Your own Unique Store For Free!

You will also have the priviledge to create your own brand on by having a page dedicated entirely to your business! This is like your own online store - all your ads are listed in one place and you can customize it by adding your tagline, logo, cover picture, and other business details.

Enjoy More Ad Promotion Deals For Less

A premium membership automatically gives you access to more free ad Promo offers such as Top Ads, Bump Ads  and Featured Ads deals every month. All you need to do is to choose which ads you may want to apply your promo deals to and voila, they are instantly promoted. Remember promoted ads get sold faster than regulars ads. [See below for more info about our ad promo deals.]

Reach More Potential Buyers With Homepage Views

Your ads will gain more premium Homepage views more than other regular ads because your exclusive membership will give you unfair advantage to post more ads every month without the usual regular membership limitations. Moreover you would also be given more tools to promote your ads on some strategic spots on the site to interested buyers who are always coming to our site for great deals.

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Some More Reasons To Join

You Will Have Your Own Unique Store Link

You will also have a unique store link (URL) which can be shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. to maximize your online presence.

You Will Be Given Priority Support

As a premium member, your questions, emails and tickets would be given priority support. This means your queries would be given immediate attention within a few hours.

 No Contract. You Can Cancel Anytime.

Our Premium subscription comes without any contracts. You can join our membership and cancel anytime you want. Our monthly plans are fixed, with easy direct debit options and no contracts. Choose between our Gold and Ultimate Membership packages with easy monthly pricing and no long-term contracts.

 Affordable. You Can Start From £10 A Month.

We believe our clients do not have to break the bank to advertise their businesses online. There’s no need to spend thousands to get real results and a Return on Investment. That is why we offer a cost effective monthly packages. You can enjoy all these benefits with as little as £10. You have no excuse. Join Now.

At the top section of our homepage, there are up to 12 spots reserved for Top Ads. (See homepage)

At the top of every category, search and all-ads listing pages, there are up to 4 spots also reserved for Top Ads.

(See here.)

By adding a “Top Ad” promotion to your ad, you earn the chance for your ad to be constantly and randomly displayed in any of these exclusive Top Ad spots – which can get you more constant views and instant responses from potential buyers than regular ads or listings!

Top Ads always stand out – because they are bigger than the regular ads on our home page.

In the search, category, and listings pages, they are also, highlighted with coloured background, and clearly labeled as a Top Ad.

Click here for more about Top Ads.

The “Daily Bump Up Plan” [also known as Hot Deals] is a unique Promobay promotion that automatically moves your own Ad to the top of the regular Ad listings once a day without any effort on your part.

This great plan has the same effect as reposting your ad on your won every day – but it’s automatic and attracts more views than other regular ads!

And since this is done automatically on your behalf, it gets your Ad more fresh daily views and also gets your Ad exposed to more potential buyers every day!

Ads with “Daily Bump Up Plan” are given a fresh start once a day. And this is automatically repeated without any effort on your part!

Additionally, this promotion also earns your Ad an orange “Hot Deal” label on the search, category, and all ads pages.

For more info about Bump Up Ads, click here.

Promoting your ads in our “Featured Ads” column gives you the opportunity to showcase your high-valued items on the premium second column section on the homepage of

This always brings immediate attention and responses from buyers who are always thronging our site for great deals.

Each “Featured Ad” attracts gets more extra views because each ad is given an equal chance of being shown in this premium spot.

“Featured Ads” are visually appealing – with big images and clean design to attract more views.

Click here for more information about Featured Ads.
Each Premium Ad is given an equal chance of being shown in this premium spot, with 8 ads being shown randomly to every visitor.

Shop pages are included in all of our Membership packages, so setting up a Membership automatically allows you to get your very own Store page which you can customize by adding your tagline, logo, cover picture, and other business details.