Manila, Philippines — The tradition of giving monetary gifts to newlyweds on their wedding day as a means of helping them start their family is unfazed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

With restrictions now loosening and being lifted, weddings are now permitted with strict regulations. While we can’t enjoy the large and loud weddings we used to have, the sanctity of this sacrament is still preserved as couples find ways to celebrate the way they want.

Send Your Money Gifts Through Paymaya or Bank Transfer
Send Your Money Gifts Through Paymaya or Bank Transfer

This couple that recently trended found a new normal way to still pursue the wedding traditions of giving money to newlyweds. This tradition is also known as “pasabit”, wherein monetary gifts are given in a more exciting manner as the married couple take the dance floor to dance.

Cash and bills can be a Covid-19 carrier. To avoid the unfortunate event of contracting the virus via cash, this couple who recently got married in this ongoing pandemic opted to offer the option of cashless donations instead.

The means? Paymaya and bank transfers. Their Paymaya and bank account details were flashed on the screen in the segment that the wedding guests were supposed to stick bills into the newlywed’s wedding clothes.

This is a step forward to promoting cashless payment and cashless transactions in the country. Especially now since online shopping and deliveries warrant for cashless transactions to support social distancing in this new normal world.

Beforehand, cashless transactions were nonexistent in the country’s trade due to few Filipinos wanting to apply for credit and debit cards because of myths and beliefs. While apps and services such as GCash and Paymaya became available, a large number of Filipinos still choose to go the traditional way of paying because of “scam” scares and other rumors preventing them from using such applications and services.

Newly Wed Couple Wedding accepts Paymaya and bank transfers for Cash Gifts
Newly Wed Couple Wedding accepts Paymaya and bank transfers for Cash Gifts

But this couple had just proved that using cashless transactions and banking are essential for activities and traditions to be done during this new normal world.

It’s exciting to see what other creative ways Filipinos can find to still execute traditions and cultural activities despite the new normal restrictions.

What other new normal activities have you seen trending lately?

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