Social Media Agency Leeds

  • March 20, 2021 10:39 am
  • Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
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Social Media Agency Leeds

Looking for a Social Media Agency Leeds?


Imagine your social media agency Leeds Agency getting All your images, videos, written content, Landing Pages, Search Engine Optimisation – all done for one low monthly price AND SCHEDULED on Social Media.


Our Social Media Agency Leeds can provide you with Social Media Content that we create, publish and schedule for you weeks in advance so that you never run out of content !


The key to running a successful Social Media Campaign is that you need to be putting out regular content on a consistent basis.  The reason for this is so that your clients see you constantly on Social Media which helps build trust.

At some point, you can then retarget them and drive them back to your website.  Remember, most sales only happen after the 8th or 9th contact, and too many companies stop making contact with their potential clients.

Traffic & Content: The Lifeblood Of Your Business

  • 1 – Drown Your Competitor Out With TargetedContent
    Putting out Videos, Podcasts, Images and Content is like putting out adverts.  Why put out just one advert when you can put out as many as you want.  These are your social media channels, but JUST putting out adverts won’t work.  You have to warm up your audience to suit your and your business personality.
  • 2 – Become An Authority In Your Field
    When you begin to put out content, you become known in your industry and outside of your industry.  You can display your expertise using multiple messages on multiple formats and become and the ‘go to’ person in your field
  • 3 – Build KLT Your (Know, Like & Trust) Factor
    Before you can become an authority in your field, people have to KNOW who you are.  So raising awareness and your reach is vital.  Then, people need to Like you, so decide how best to do that, and eventually you will build the trust that can enable the sales process.
  • 4 – Drive as MUCH traffic as you like to your SPECIFIC sales funnels using Facebook Ads
    Facebook is just one of the traffic sources that we use, but it’s a great way to start driving instant traffic back to your website.  We do all your campaigns for you, so there is ZERO TECHNICAL knowledge required.
  • 5 – Begin the Interactions With Your Brand And More Importantly, Your Sales Funnel
    Before any of this takes place of course, you need to ensure your sales funnel is in place, to take advantage of moving people into your sales funnel.  If you haven’t got a sales funnel you won’t get a good return on investment. Sales funnels are what we do. So speak to us before starting any marketing on social media.



  • Content Co-Ordinators
  • Image Design Specialists
  • Professional Video Editors
  • Experienced website designers


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