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  • July 19, 2021 10:35 am
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decentralized exchange (DEX) script is a partially-automated cryptocurrency exchange platform where no intermediate third-party can hold customers’ personal information, account balances, portfolio allocations, and fund positions at any stage. In other words, there are no centrally-controlled servers, thus eliminating a single point of failure. A decentralized exchange DEX script is popular for trading any cryptocurrencies without the restrictions of centralized platforms. They allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from each other without the involvement of a middleman.

Advantages of Decentralized Exchange Script     

Here the benefits of building a decentralized exchange development with the white label DEX Script. You can start your Decentralized crypto exchange platform within 7 days.

1. No single point of failure: Centralized exchanges serve as legal custodians responsible for each trade, all of which are maintained on traditional servers. Thus, centralized exchanges become a hugely attractive target for hackers. On the other hand, Decentralized exchanges, run on a distributed ledger and therefore do not face the risks involved in a centralized exchange process. keep their user’s funds and personal data secure.

2. No single point of control: In a decentralized exchange, there is no way for anyone to “take control” of the trading system/ funds, making it much more resistant to censorship, government interference, and power games.

3. Secure: Security is another big advantage of DEX is that are distributed globally, thereby reduces the risks of server downtime as well as hacking.

4. Low Fees: Trading fees on Decentralized exchange platform are significantly low while compared to centralized exchanges. whereas some DEXs are even free. The users can only bear the cost of sending transactions over the blockchain.

5. Government-Resistant: As DEXs are open source codes operating on a decentralized network, making it extremely hard for any government to control it. since no governments can shutdown the regulations towards decentralized exchanges.

6. Trustlessness: The biggest advantage of a DEX is its ‘trustless’ nature, over-centralized exchange. In a centralized system, trust is required for an entire system. As for DEXs, no need to trust the company behind the decentralized since all transactions occur in a transparent and automated system.

7. Privacy: The privacy features provided in decentralized exchanges are increasingly rare to find in a centralized exchange. Unlike centralized exchanges requires KYC procedures, whereas trading on DEXs does not require to provide personal information.

Key Features of Decentralized Exchange Script

Trade Engine

Atomic Swap

Order book

User interface

Two Factor Authentication

Exchange of cryptocurrencies with smart contract development

API Integration

Payment gateway integration

Margin trading

Multi-language support

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