This past weekend, BTS surprised and delighted their massive fan base by revealing that the latest edition of their online-only Bang Bang Con concert series wasn’t just in the works, but that it’s coming very, very soon.

The South Korean septet’s third installment of the highly successful event is slated to take place this coming Saturday, April 17, with a start time of 2:00 AM EST (which is much more convenient for those watching in the Asian nation). At the time the band announced Bang Bang Con 2021, details surrounding the showing aside from day and time were fairly light, but now what fans can look forward to this weekend has been outlined further.

Bang Bang Con 2021 will be comprised of footage from past concerts and meet and greets with fans throughout the years they’ve been together. Unlike their most recent installment of the brand, the septet won’t be performing live. ARMYs (the name the band’s followers have adopted) will be able to watch for free on YouTube.

According to a release shared by BTS’s U.S. press team, the 2021 edition of Bang Bang Con will begin with one of their earliest major shows, 2015 BTS Live Trilogy: Episode I. BTS Begins. That two-day event took place at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea on March 28 and 29, 2015. At the time, it was quite the big deal that the septet was able to attract 6,500 people to the performances.

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Bang Bang Con 2021 will proceed with 5th Muster [Magicshop], the name they gave to one of their “fanmeets,” something specific to the K-pop industry. Those events typically feature performances, but focus more interaction with fans, as well as skits, games and other fun moments. 5th Muster [Magicshop] took place across four days (June 15 and 16 and 22 and 23) in 2019 in both Seoul and Busan, South Korea.

Bang Bang Con 2021 will end with footage of BTS performing in São Paulo, Brazil on May 25 and 26 back in 2019. Those shows were part of a number of concerts that were added on to the band’s BTS World Tour: Love Yourself trek, with an entire second leg named BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself. According to Billboard Boxscore, the boy band attracted nearly 85,000 people to the stadium in South America.

It makes perfect sense that BTS is keeping their Bang Bang Con brand going with a third showing, as the first two were incredibly successful. The first edition was held last April as the world descended into lockdown during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. That event, which was also free and on YouTube, racked up just over 50 million views across two days. The second showing was a pay-per-view venture which raked in nearly $20 million.

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