Frequently Asked Questions

Posting an ad on Promobay is quick and easy! Simply click the yellow Post Ad button and follow the instructions.

If you are not already logged in, you will need to log in as the first step of posting your ad.

Your ad will go live once it has been reviewed (this usually takes less than 1 hour during office hours).

Please note, all first time posters are verified before ads are approved.

To delete an ad, please go to your ad's page and click on the "Delete ad" option.

Tip: you can find your ad easily by logging in to your account and visiting your "My ads" page!

To edit an ad, please go to your ad's page and click on the "Edit ad" option.

Tip: you can find your ad easily by logging in to your account and visiting your "My ads" page!

To set a new Promobay password, please log in to your account, go to the "Settings" page and enter a new password.

If you have forgotten your Promobay password, you can:

go to the log-in page and click on the "Forgot your password?" link
go to one of your ads, click on "Edit ad" or "Delete ad", and click on the "Forgot your password?" link.
If you have created an account via Facebook, you will not have a Promobay password. You can log in to your account via Facebook without a password.

Ads posted on Promobay stay listed for 60 days, unless you delete them earlier.

It is free of charge to become a member on

It is free to post a regular advert on in all categories.
However you have the option to pay small fees to feature, spotlight or bump up your ad on the homepage and also to have your ad show before other ads on search pages. has been designed to be search engine friendly, every ad that is
placed is highly optimized, and there shows on the top search engines listings for maximum exposure.
Moreover we are spending a lot of time and money promoting the portal.
Our SEO team has made it possible to find listed in most of the top search engines and directories.

Tip: you can keep track of your ads easily by logging in to your account and visiting your "My accounts" page!

Your ad may not be live due to one of the following reasons:
• It is still under review - this will show on your My Ads page, under “Ads under review”
• It may have it violated our posting rules - if your ad needs to be edited before it can be published, this will show on your My Ads page, under “Ads that need editing”
• You have used up your free ad allowance
If you have been waiting longer than 24 hours for a response from us, you may have given us the wrong contact details when you posted the ad. Try posting again or contact us. 

We recommend that you visit the Met. Police web site at : , which lists the latest fraud bulletins. We also recommend that you view our help section on how to avoid fraud/scams.

Please see our terms and conditions. All ads must comply with UK Trading Standards.
We will NOT accept the following ads:

  • Adult videos/material or links to adult content.
  • Endangered species.
  • Pit Bull Terriers, Bandogs, Tosas, Mastiffs, or dogs controlled under UK Dangerous Dogs legislation.
  • Tortoises cannot be accepted without supplying the relevant documentation.
  • Second hand underwear.
  • Prescription drugs or tobacco related products.
  • Any offers of spell casting or black magic.
  • Any pirate or "silver/gold disk" software.
  • Knives or Guns except for .22 or below air rifles.
  • an item or service that is illegal in the UK
  • an item or service that is not located in the UK
  • an invalid phone number or email address
  • an unrealistic offer
  • offensive language
  • offensive pictures
  • text in the title or description that is not related to the advertised item or service
  • pictures that do not match or clearly show the advertised item or service
  • text in the first picture (except logos and product codes)
  • a non-specific item or service, e.g. a description of a company in general terms
  • a URL link that is not relevant to the advertised item or service
  • offers and requests for items or services in the same ad
  • exact same content as another ad, re-published within 7 days.
  • multiple items in the same ad
  • “work from home" jobs
  • counterfeit goods, knockoffs or replica versions of another company’s product
  • In addition, once the ad is posted, the product or service in the ad cannot be changed.

All of the ads posted on our portal are manually reviewed - if your ad violates our posting rules it will be rejected. You can read what changes you have to make before the ad can be approved in the rejection email.

If you are not receiving responses to our ads, we recommend taking a look at our Top Ads, Spotlight etc Deals which will give Home page placements and attract thousands of visitors to your ad.