An attorney for the family of Daunte Wright said Thursday it would be “very difficult” for relatives to accept a claim by Minnesota police that the 20-year-old was shot and killed by accident in an attempted arrest last weekend.

Key Facts

At a press conference, civil rights attorney Ben Crump held up photos to compare the type of Glock handgun that former Brooklyn Center officer Kimberly Potter fired at Wright and a Taser stun gun that the police department has said she meant to use instead. 

“It’s very difficult for this family to accept this was an accident when you have a veteran who’s been on the police force for 26 years,” Crump said, adding that it was daylight when Wright was shot in the Minneapolis suburb Sunday afternoon.

He said that Potter used excessive force against Wright, who was pulled over for an expired vehicle registration.

Key Background

Potter was charged Wednesday with second-degree manslaughter, which would carry up to 10 years in prison in the case of a conviction. The 48-year-old was arrested Wednesday, but has since been released from Hennepin County Jail on a $100,000 bond. She resigned from Brooklyn Center Police Department on Tuesday, along with the city police chief. The Wright family has pressed for tougher charges against Potter, but Crump and co-counsel Jeff Storms said the legal team did not plan to outline any until its own investigation was complete. “The charges can be amended anytime … everything is in the early stages,” Storms said. “They acted swiftly because it’s so obvious this was an unlawful killing.” The shooting has prompted several nights of protests and unrest in Brooklyn Center, where tensions were already high as the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has continued its third week less than 10 miles away.

What To Watch For

Potter, who has not entered a plea in the case, made her first appearance in court Thursday afternoon. At the brief hearing conducted on Zoom, Judge Paul Scoggin confirmed the terms of her bail and set her next court date for May 17. 

Crucial Quote

The mother of Daunte Wright called for accountability following the arrest but said there would never be justice for her family. “Justice isn’t even a word to me,” Katie Wright said at the press conference Thursday. “I do want accountability, 100% accountability. But when that happens, if that even happens, we’re still going to bury our son. When people say justice, I just shake my head.”