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There’s nothing like an unique combination of a global pandemic, social justice movement, record-high unemployment, and social isolation—all at the same time. 2020 is arguably one of the most…unprecedented times in recent history. It’s no wonder we’re experiencing an almost universal uptick in stress and anxiety. We’ve already talked about the benefits of CBD for the skin, but let’s talk about the mind.

I’ve battled with insomnia long before this year hit, and for reasons unknown to me, I resisted the CBD trend. However, given everything going on, I figured there’s no better time to give it a shot. I took it consistently for a few weeks, and here are the results.


CBD has numerous therapeutic benefits, including reducing anxiety and treating insomnia without getting you high. This is because the compound is found in marijuana, but CBD doesn’t have any of the psychoactive effects, making it legal.

Product Types

The great thing about CBD (bad if you’re indecisive, like me) is that it comes in many forms. You’ll find everything from CBD gummies to balms, bath salts, capsules, tinctures and oils. I prefer using a tincture and placing the dropper under my tongue, but there’s no right or wrong here.


CBD products also vary in intensity, so it may take a little experimenting to find your sweet spot. I suggest starting low and working your way up.


CBD has truly been my savior through quarantine. Instead of laying in bed for hours with constant thoughts running through my head, I now fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night. I’ve even tried it midday during stressful work weeks and can confirm that it helped calm my mind without making me drowsy. CBD oil, my product of choice, now has a permanent spot on my nightstand. While everyone’s response to stress is different, this one’s worth a try, IMO.


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