Art director Alexander Farnsworth and American fashion designer Adam Lippes have joined forces to launch Farnsworth Fine Cannabis Company, a business created with the idea to make cannabis consumption an easy and elegant experience for everyone.

The release of the brand was accompanied by the opening of a beautiful retail store in the Berkshires, Massachusetts, and an e-commerce site,

“Farnsworth, as a brand and idea is meant to feel as if it’s always existed,” explains CEO Alexander Farnsworth. “The Farnsworth THC cigarettes, with their hemp paper tubes and luxury length filters stamped with our hummingbird insignia, are the product that I always wanted. They’re a fresh take on an old classic.”


The newest LGBTQIA+ owned-and-led retailer was designed by London-based architect Simon Aldridge, and seeks to serve as a lifestyle destination that offers customers more than just cannabis. The store is intended to encourage exploration with its many curiosities, such as vintage lighters, diamond-encrusted jewelry, cannabis accessories from Higher Standards, and a capsule collection of fashion apparel from The Webster.

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“In thinking about the retail experience at Farnsworth, I visited more than 50 dispensaries across the U.S. and I want to return to very few. Cannabis retail has become purely a commodity business and Farnsworth flips that notion on its head. Farnsworth is about beauty, culture, and places weaving the cannabis conversation to the present moment,” adds Farnsworth.

“What we’re saying is: a dispensary can be layered, old and new, antique and modern, attainable and even something to dream about. Our ‘dispensary’ includes a museum-like exhibit of wood and Bakelite tube radios produced by the Farnsworth Radio and Television Corporation, from our family’s collection.”

The Brand

The Farnsworth Fine Cannabis brand debuted with a line of filtered cannabis cigarettes, available in light, classic and bold variants, for $11 each.

An updated take on the pre-roll, these cannabis cigarettes feature luxury-length filters to keep the heat away from one’s face and are rolled in organic hemp paper. They are functional, design-driven and packaged for every day use.

Farnsworth Fine Cannabis has also launched a 4-piece accessory set, which retails for $495, and includes a matchbox and cigarette holder, a rolling paper tray and an ashtray available in silver or gold plate.

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Farnsworth Fine Cannabis is located at 126 Main Street in Great Barrington, MA.